It is my experience that the physical body is immensely wiser than we give it credit for.  If you study the anatomy of the human body you will see that each one of us is like a walking universe.  There is a whole world of cells inside our bodies that communicate with each other and coordinate to create all of our bits and pieces from bone to blood to organs to muscle to skin, etc.  There is the electricity of the neurons, the fire of the digestive system, built in heating & cooling mechanisms, a whole defense system made up of an army of cells designed to destroy invading pathogens, a network of healing cells designed to repair damage or infection.  The level of communication that happens within our bodies every second of every day is truly astounding.  Our bodies know how to heal and as it is that we are all designed the same way and made of the same stuff, our bodies know how to help other bodies heal.   In my opinion our biggest obstacle is our mind.  In the Western world we have become so programmed to focus on the material world outside of ourselves that most people are completely out of touch with their own bodies.  People have become so dependent on pharmaceuticals and/or surgery to cure every ailment that they don't even consider that there may be a simpler way to heal.  Now that's not to say that Western medicine and/or surgery is not important or necessary.  Sometimes that is absolutely the best way to go.  But I believe that we have the power and knowledge within our own bodies to promote healing through hands on therapies for so many more ailments than just stress & tight muscles.  (I will address more on this topic in another post.)

As therapists, we need to allow the wisdom of our bodies to do the work.  This means putting our minds/our egos on the sideline and truly tuning in to what we feel through our sense of touch and following our intuition.  This can be easier said than done of course as the mind is a very powerful force when it is disturbed or stressed or just overly distracted.  I think doing some kind of meditation before a session can be very helpful.  I have found though that once you are tuned in to your sense of touch it is best to not over think what you should do.  If you think too much about what your technique should be or whether or not you're doing the right thing or whatever you won't be truly tuned in to what you are feeling.  If you really pay attention to what you are feeling, how the tissue is responding to what you are doing, how & where the tension connects through the body, how the body as a whole is reacting to what you are doing, and allow your body, your core intuition, to lead your hands you will more effectively facilitate healing in your client than if you try to let your intellect lead the way.