It's Time To Go Big

I believe that if you visualize a reality long enough while honering your true self, that reality will manifest in your life.  By honoring your true self I mean living your life in accordance with what feels right and true to your deepest self.  I have been imagining myself having my own place of business for a very long time.  Certain elements of that vision have changed over the years but the fundamental nature of it has remained consistent; A place where I can create an environment of healing, uniting & growing.  A place to express my creativity, share ideas with others and help to lift people up.  I always imagined it having a community vibe, helping to connect people with common goals.  And now, at last, I have that space.   On August 1st I got the keys to my new studio in the Bok building in South Philadelphia.  Edward W. Bok Technical High School opened in 1938 and sadly closed it's doors as a vocational school in 2013.  It was then bought by a young female entrepeneur who is restoring & transforming the 340,000 square foot building into a center for artists, non-profits, small businesses and more.  Currently the list of fellow tenants includes painters, photographers, jewelry & clothing designers, scientists, architects, musicians, lawyers, a boxing gym, a hair studio, a hat maker and many more.  

Each day I find myself bubbling over with ideas of how I can collaborate with other healers and how we can improve the overall wellbeing of the community.  And then I think about how our community can be just the beginning.  When I talk with my other healer companions we become giddy about the possibilities.  Over the past ten years I have felt myself pulled in different directions, some of which took me away from my healing work.  Ultimately I think it was so that I could learn important lessons about myself that would help me be a better facilitator of healing.  But I am completely focused now and I know that this is my true path without a doubt.  It can feel so overwhelming sometimes with all the craziness in this world.  Sometimes I fear that my efforts won't even make a dent.  But I'm moving full speed ahead anyway because it is the only way that feels like truth to me.  Now that I have my own studio in a building run & occupied by creative, open minded, community orientated people, the possibilities are endless!!  My vision for my work and my life continues to grow beyond my studio, beyond my community, beyond my city and beyond my country.  Our planet is in need of a lot of healing so why not think big, right?